There’s no ‘HO HO HO’ in a Christmas Coronary or Hanukkah Heart Attack

Across our country thousands of Coronary case studies have indicated a distinct increase in Cardio vascular events over the holiday season. Studies have revealed a 5% per year increase in holiday heart related episodes. What makes Thanksgiving through the New Year such a contentious time? While we know that there… Read more »

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  • ‘Cars in the Parking Lot’ Increases Traffic

    ‘Cars in the Parking Lot’ Increases Traffic

    I do love analogies. I really do think my analogies help my clients get some of my marketing strategies straight in their minds. I explain to my customers that their website or social media content is like a restaurant. If people drive by and see that there are no cars… Read more »

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  • : Findlay, OH, United States
  • Community Rainy Days

    Community Rainy Days

    It was August 14, the Sunday evening after the let down of a fully rained-out Flag City BalloonFest 2016. Weeks ago, I had worked feverishly to put together the Souvenir Guide for the event, collecting balloon pilot information, sponsors’ logos and advertisers’ final ads. And I had a sudden thought:… Read more »

    Spotlight: Online Directory

    A directory is, in general, an approach to organizing information, the most familiar example being a telephone directory (at least for the over 35 crowd). is a lot like a telephone directory. On steroids. Really good steroids. There are a lot of options built in such as Google maps,… Read more »

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  • #1 Build. #2 Plan. #3 Link.

    Build your website well.  Make sure your website is responsive – that it works equally well on pc monitor, tablet or smart phone. Plan to update the site on a regular, timely basis. And then what? Light incense? Say a little prayer? Place as many external links as possible, that’s… Read more »

    Findlay City Guide Resides Here!

    When graf-X-cape and Watchtower IT Services realized that we needed to create an online presence for the growing publication, “Findlay City Guide,” we knew there were several options – but building a website from scratch to house only a quarterly publication seemed like a misappropriation of resources. Currently, Findlay City Guide mails 10,000 copies… Read more »

    I Just Want to be FOUND

    I Just Want to be FOUND

    When was the last time you looked a business up in a phone book? Do you even keep a copy anymore when it is laying on your porch?  If you do, how do you decide which one to keep? The honest truth is that USUALLY it is far easier to… Read more »