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Come to Drive Time Driving Instruction for in-depth driver’s education in an environment that is geared toward making learning fun with small class sizes.

Our goal:
To provide the necessary, driver education for teens to become safe, well-trained drivers – and to share some laughs along the way.

We offer:
24 hours of required classroom driver instruction commonly called “driver’s ed.”
Classrooms in Findlay and Bluffton, Ohio for driver instruction.
Monthly, Drive Time Driving Instruction offers six driver education sessions scheduled over a two-week period with your input during the school year; Sunday-Friday during the summer.
Our Drive Time staff will conduct 8 hours of behind-the-wheel driver education training. We will pick you up, and drop you off. No need to come to the office!
Carefully chosen, highly-qualified driver education instructors
Background checks on all instructors, each licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety.
At age 15 years and 6 months, students are eligible to take Ohio’s driver permit test. This is a written test taken at the BMV. Prepare for this test by picking up a booklet at the BMV.

After a student receives a driver’s permit, they need to gain real, driver experience behind the wheel with a parent or guardian. 50 hours are required before taking the driver’s test.

Sign up for class with Drive Time Driving Instruction in either Findlay or Bluffton. 24 hours of class time are required to graduate. Drive Time breaks it down into six, four-hour classes. Drive Time enrolls new classes monthly.

Have to miss a class? We will work with each student to schedule a make-up class.

Testing occurs during the final class. This drivers education test must be passed with a 75% or higher in order to begin the driving portion.

After passing the classroom portion of drivers education, each student will drive eight hours with a driver’s ed instructor. Each student will drive in town, in the country, in a larger city and on the interstate. The instructor will call to schedule the driving. Every effort will be made to make sure you complete your driving requirement right before you are eligible to schedule your driving test with the State of Ohio BMV.

After driving for eight hours with Drive Time driving instructors, a student can schedule the driving test with the State of Ohio BMV. Be aware that one cannot take the driving test until six months after you receiving a permit, regardless of age.

NOTE: While Drive Time Driving Instruction has a very good record of students passing their driving test on the first try, (over 90 percent!) we offer no guarantee that anyone will pass the BMV test after taking driver’s education training with Drive Time.

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