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American Servicing Corporation Estate Buy-Out Services

Estate Buy-Outs occur when the personal property of an estate is purchased by American Servicing Corporation, an estate liquidation company, for a fixed amount. Frequently it happens that the heirs are no longer in the Findlay, Hancock County or Northwest Ohio area. When that happens, the deceased’s chosen heirs will require assistance in finalizing the estate from many miles away. American Servicing Corporation is a trusted local business that can offer assistance in closing an estate quickly and efficiently.

An Estate Buyout is a streamlined transaction where American Servicing Corporation will come in, assess the estate, at no cost to you, and provide a competitive price for the sale of all the items in the home or estate. There are many reasons why our clients consider an Estate Sale or Buyout and everyone’s circumstances are just as different as they are valid.

American Servicing Corporation will assist in moving or selling the contents of your or a relative’s home, we can help you today and turn your old and unwanted items into cash! American Servicing Corporation will evaluate the property and possessions and perform a free appraisal of the desirable contents of the estate. You are not obligated to sell to us and we always offer a great return!

Estate Buy-Outs are a Great Option when:

The estate needs to generate an immediate income.
The relative or heir lives a great distance from the deceased’s property and possessions in Findlay / Northwest Ohio making it difficult to manage from a long distance.
Heirs and other family members decide not to have a public estate sale.
There is not enough time to properly stage an estate sale.
Estate items are located in a storage facility.
The decedent’s residence is a condominium, apartment, or anywhere where estate sales are not permitted.
The total value of the estates personal property is not high enough to consign to an auction, or engage the services of an estate sales company.

American Servicing Corporation Acts Responsibly:

We will explain all of your options. If it is economically more advantageous to do an estate sale, or if your items will generate higher incomes by engaging our auction placement service, we will let you know that. Heirs and relatives are also more than welcome to go through the estate choosing items that are sentimental. American Servicing Corporation will even pack and ship those items and memories to your chosen destinations. Your loved ones possessions and property are handled with utmost respect.

American Servicing Corporation’s Buyout Service is a quick and sure way to empty a house! We can do all the things that need to be done to put the house on the market, settle other financial matters, and act responsibly on behalf of the estate. We offer trash out services as well, and can do repairs and touchups to make sure the property is prepped for quick sale. If you’ve accepted an offer for an Estate Buyout, we will cleanout the estate and remove all items from the home, leaving it clean and ready to put on the market or prepared for the next owners, depending on our clients’ wishes. We offer partial cleanouts as well – in instances where maybe you are just looking to empty or sell the contents of an attic, garage, basement, storage facility.

If you are only looking to downsize or sell certain items from an Estate, we also offer Estate Buys, where specific and chosen items are bought and sold. If you are just looking to sell that cast-iron tub, grandma’s rolling pin collection or jewelry, we are more than happy to appraise these select items and provide you with a competitive offer on the items.

We show up at the property and perform all necessary moving, hauling or trashing as necessary. We will remove unwanted items as well as transport or arrange for them to be donated for charitable contributions which can provide you with a nice tax break!

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