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Get your 27 Point Inspection today as part of our full-service oil change! Saves you money by finding concerns that can be corrected before more expensive damage is done. Sometimes it isn’t an immediate fix that is required – but just to be aware of wear and tear happening to your vehicle. We’ll share with you any issues noted and form a plan to address them.

Vehicles are big purchases that should (hopefully) last you for several years, but cars and trucks require careful attention in order to last the way you want them to. Proper care and maintenance is critical if you want to get the most out of your vehicle’s lifespan. Your friends at J 1:9 Auto Repair & Detailing are here to help!

Our shop on the eastern edge of Findlay proudly offers great service to help our customers keep their vehicles running in great condition and looking good. In addition to tire rotations and oil changes, we are happy to offer top-quality multi-point vehicle inspections by our service expert. These inspections are a great way to get an overall look at your vehicle’s condition so you can learn what is still in great shape and what might need a little extra attention all while getting your oil changed, fluids topped off and tires rotated!.

What’s included in our vehicle inspections?
We offer the 27-point vehicle inspection. This can be part of an oil change package or independently as prior to your purchase of a used/previously owned car, truck or SUV. This detailed inspection checks the current working conditions of the following elements:

Air Conditioning
Tire Balance
Battery Cable
Fuel System
Engine (leak, other)
Transmission/Transfer (leak, other)
Drive Axle (leak, other)
Engine Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter
CV Join, Driveshaft, U-Joint
Exhaust System
Body Components Lubrication
Restraint System
Chassis Components Lubrication
Evaporative Control System
Front Tires (tread depth)
Back Tires (tread depth)
Brake (lining measurement)

We are proud to be your one-stop shop for all of your vehicle maintenance in Findlay, OH. We have convenient hours, competitive pricing on our parts and services, and keep up with technology to take the stress out of servicing your vehicle. Our location is especially convenient to employees in the Tall Timbers area for easy drop off and pickup. Schedule your vehicle service or detailing appointment today!

Complete inspections are our key to providing customer satisfaction.

At J 1:9 Auto Repair & Detailing our top mission is your satisfaction and praise. We take pride in our work and strive to put your best vehicle on the road, in your driveways and garages. What we promise is a personal touch. We care about your car, truck or SUV, but we care about YOU! This truly reflects in the work that we do here at J 1:9 Auto Repair & Detailing.

You have options when it comes to detailing. We offer interior only, exterior only and combo packages. Our rates start at $65 and we do our very best to return your vehicle back to as close to showroom status as possible! We also detail boats!

The 27 Point Inspection includes:

Check windshield wiper blades front and rear
Check windshield washer fluid font and rear
Check all exterior lights for proper operation, (front, rear, and side)
Check vehicle front to rear for any fluid leaks of all systems and components
Check brake fluid level and condition
Check power steering fluid level and condition
Check transmission fluid level and condition
Check antifreeze fluid level, condition, strength, ph test and electrolysis
Check cooling system radiator, pressure cap, hoses, clamps, water pump, thermostat, and heater core
Check all drive belts, belt tensioner, and pulleys
Check air filter, breather filter
Check horn operation
Check battery, cables, terminals
Check differential fluid level and condition
Check shocks, struts, torsion bars, suspensions components, bushings and joints
Check CV joints, boots, drives axles, drive line universal joints
Check brake friction material front, lines, hoses, fittings
Check brake friction material rear, lines, hoses, fittings
Check all tires tread depth
Check all tires condition
Adjust all tires air pressure to manufacturers specification or customers desired setting

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