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The Mobile Optician is an optical store at YOUR door!

Erikka Hermiller is Licensed with the State of Ohio with 20+ years of experience. The Mobile Optician will meet at a location of your choosing: home, office, public space to select or fit your new eyewear at your convenience! Erikka offers a unique selection and personal service – allowing for ease and convenience of choosing your next eyewear.

Services include:
-Eyeglass frames and lenses
Large selection including designer frames and specialty lenses
-Eyewear Consultation
Find the best fit, appropriate style, or eyecare you need
-Prescription Analysis
-Glasses Maintenance
-Adjustments & Minor Repairs

As an optician, Erikka Hermiller specializes in the filling of an eye glass prescription as prescribed by an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist.

This includes:

Recognizing the prescription type and discussing its purpose to the client.
Taking all necessary measurements for optical center placement for all single vision, multi-focal including progressive lens types as well as specialized measurements for high powered prescriptions.
Making frame style recommendations based on the prescription as well as facial shapes, size, cosmetic appearance and current fashion trends.
Making lens coating and lens material recommendations based on the prescription and lifestyle as well as type of work and leisure activities of the client.
Adjusting the glasses for a comfortable fit. This includes follow up adjustments at no additional charge.

The Mobile Optician comes to you in your home, we look forward to working with you. Please contact us to book an appointment today!

From the convenience of your home I can provide quality, personalized service, customizing your eyewear to fit your busy lifestyle. This benefits everyone from parents with small children, to seniors as well as persons with disabilities.

Relax and enjoy selecting eyewear with a unique experience! No need to spend hours at an optical store…save time and money.

Contact me today

I offer designer frames and the latest lens technologies available. Need a current prescription then you are on the way to looking and seeing good!
Mobile Optician

2703 N Main St, Suite 126, Findlay, OH 45840, US

(419) 721-3231

By appointment

Between rent, shipping and production costs, it’s no wonder the average markup for frames in brick-and-mortar stores is 250%. Mobile Optician cuts back on all the costs associated with a storefront and passes the savings on to our customers. We also do not have a fancy website that makes you upload a photo of your self for “virtual fittings” that have complications of size and proportion. You can try on glasses in the convenience of your home/space and make sure that you like them BEFORE you order. You can’t do that on a website!

Our services are by appointment – on your schedule. Mobile Optician wants to make it as easy as possible for you to be fitted in stylish, affordable frames and quality lenses that meet all of your vision needs.

Mobile Optician uses a dedicated laboratory, with a relationship that guarantees satisfaction. All of this means you save a lot of money when shopping for frames from the comfort of your home or even your office/workplace.

It’s no secret that you can shop for frames online. You can can save you a lot of money – until you try to return a pair that dissatisfies you. Currently only about 5% of the glasses in the United States are purchased online. The hesitation to do so stems from the uncertainty of “will my prescription be right?” and “what do the really look like on my face?” People are well aware of the complications shopping online present.

You will hand your prescription to the Mobile Optician who then analyzes which frame selection would be best to accommodate your prescription. Certain prescriptions have an influence on frame selection, due to their thickness, weight, or other characteristics. And since all frames sit differently on a person’s nose, the optician needs to make sure that the frames sit correctly on your face. If the bridge (nose piece) is too loose, the glasses will slide down your face. This not only affects the way the glasses look, but also how you can see through the lens.

Just like the frames must fit properly, the optician will also check to see if the lenses line up with your eyes correctly. This is when proper fitting comes in to play. You DON’T get that from a website! When the eye doctor writes down the prescription, they may record the patient’s pupillary distance, or PD, which is the distance between the centers of each pupil. This measurement of the PD enables the center of the lens to align with the center of the pupil. Therefore, the Mobile Optician needs to make sure that the center of the new glasses’ lens aligns with the center of the pupil.

Progressive lenses (or bi/tri-focals) can cause additional challenges if the glasses are not fitted before being given to the wearer. If the prescription is not centered, it can keep the patient from being able to see clearly through certain portions of the lens (e.g., when viewing reading material or a computer screen). If a patient wears lenses that aren’t properly aligned, their eyes will adjust to the lenses incorrectly. Once their lenses are properly aligned, their eyes will then have to readjust to the right spot.

Ordering glasses online can be especially dangerous, because an eye care professional cannot check to see if the glasses fit you properly. The PD number and other factors cannot be measured when glasses are ordered online, leading to several complications for whoever will be wearing the glasses. For example, glasses that haven’t been adjusted can cause the wearer to need to turn their head to the side in order to properly see out of their glasses.

Even though your Mobile Optician glasses have been crafted specifically for you, there is still one important step to take before you can wear them. That step is the fitting process.

Eyeglasses continue to be a commodity that people WANT assistance to purchase, help choosing a style and having fit to their face. Customers do not want to guess when it comes to their vision.

Great Customer Service
available 24/7 before AND after you order!

Choosing your new glasses

It’s Important to pick the proper size for cosmetic and visual benefits, improper size can cause discomfort and disturbance of your field of vision

The wrong lens material can ruin a great frame, choosing the right lens material can reduce eye magnification and weight. We strive to find the lightest and most cosmetically appealing frames,
this combination makes for a fit you can count on.

RX Compatibility
The proper frame should maximize visual benefit while minimizing weight and distortion, with coordination from your doctor, We will find the best fit and style for you

You will love your glasses! We pride ourselves on stocking stylish and unique frames.

In the market for a pair of eyeglasses? Before you get overwhelmed by the zillions of options, take into consideration one important element: your face shape. From the following shapes, which does yours most closely resemble?
Oval Round Heart Square

Choosing the right frame is about more than just style. The wrong frame can impact the effectiveness of your prescription. It is important to consider face shape as the rest points of glasses need to seat properly. If not, they can create discomfort and slippage.

Lenses of glasses have ‘sweet spots’ or ‘optical centers’ that need to line up exactly over the center of the pupil. If glasses are slipping, not only is this a nuisance, but it can affect vision by de-centering the lenses over the eyes. This becomes even more important the more advanced your prescription is.

Do you need progressive lenses?
You may refer to them as “no-line bifocals.”

Do you prefer metal or plastic frames?

The secret to ordering a perfectly fitting pair of eyeglasses is simple: know your frame size.

Eye Size: a two-digit number in the 40 – 62 range

Bridge Size: a two-digit number in the 14 – 24 range

Temple size: a three-digit number in the 120 – 150 range

Confused? Mobile Optician can help. We understand all of the measurements you need for your prescription glasses to fit flawlessly.

How would you describe your style?

Choosing great glasses is part art and part science. Mobile Optician has been designing, selling and fitting glasses for years and love to help customers demystify the process by explaining what looks good and why. Frame shape, size and color all play a part in creating the perfect look. Use our expertise as a guide through the selection process. Loving how you look in a frame is the most important rule of all!

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