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We at Select Sealcoating, LLC have been sealing, protecting and beautifying driveways and parking lots since 2001. We have provided our services to hundreds of homeowners and businesses in the Findlay, Hancock County and Northwest Ohio.

Blacktop sealer can prolong the life of your driveway and parking lot. Is your blacktop living on borrowed time? Select Sealcoating can help!

Let Select Sealcoating protect and beautify your asphalt investment. Now is the time to prevent costly damage to your blacktop driveway or commercial parking lot.

A Select Sealcoating treatment is spray-applied for improved uniformity and superior life through pressure application. Select Sealcoating will beautify and protect any asphalt surface. Select Sealcoating proudly uses Seamster Products – a premium grade coal tar sealer that more than triples the life of your blacktop. Properly maintaining and sealcoating your asphalt driveway or parking lot with a Select Sealcoating treatment on a regular basis will extend its life significantly and also save you money on blacktop repairs.

Prevent Water Penetration
You will want to prevent seepage of moisture from rain or snow into your asphalt surface. Sealcoating prevents damage from freeze and thaw all winter long by filling nearly invisible hair line cracks.

Block Gasoline and Oil Deterioration
Sealmaster rubberized coal tar sealer is fortified to prevent damage from both distillates and other caustic chemicals.

Stop Oxidation
Sealmaster coating materials are highly resistant to the sun’s radiation and will help protect asphalt surfaces from this type of deterioration. UV protection is for asphalt, too!

Beautify Paved Areas
Sealmaster material dries to a consistent slate-black color,hiding all fading and imperfections. An aggregate is added and thoroughly mixed in each batch to provide more traction and a safety surface.

Save Money
Sealmaster’s tough, durable coating will resist wear and extend the life of the pavement. Cleaning, snow removal, and pavement marking are easier with a smooth, consistent surface. By spending a few cents per square foot for sealing, Select Sealcoating can save you costly future repair costs.

Protect your pavement with quality seal coating! Choosing sealcoating can ensure that your parking lot or driveway will not only last for years, but it’ll look good for as long as it lasts. Select takes the time to do it right the first time, every time.

Over a decade of experience makes a difference! When it’s time to reapply, call Select Sealcoating and we’ll get it done right. We recommend professional sealcoating a blacktop surface every three years, minimum. A severely neglected asphalt surface may require service two consecutive years to repair the damage caused by sun, snow removal & salt application, chemicals and vehicular wear. Findlay, Hancock County and Northwest Ohio have severe weather: freezing cold with frequent thaws and blistering heat in the summer. Ohio weather mandates a more frequent application of sealcoating than milder areas to protect your paving investment.

New driveways and parking lots require time to cure before sealing. It is best to wait 90 days before sealing new asphalt .

We are a locally owned and operated business with years of experience. We have an A+ rating with the BBB for providing quality and professional services. Sealcoating saves on costly future repairs. From residential property owners all the way up to nation chain accounts we can deliver quality, affordable blacktop sealing. Select Sealcoating stands behind all of our work and guarantee customer satisfaction!

Our Services:
• Surface prep: edging, blowing, brooming, crack cleanout
• Asphalt sealcoating

Optional Services:
• Asphalt maintenance
• Hot tar crack filling optional
• Small patch work
• Striping

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  1. EstherJones

    Thanks for sharing this information. Cracks and potholes are unavoidable when dealing with asphalt pavement however, neglecting to seal coat your facilities can lead to an accelerated cracking and pothole situation. Therefore, proper maintenance of driveways and parking lot can avoid cracks and potholes after seal coating. For the best results, seal coating should only be done by a professional paving and seal coating company.

    January 3, 2017 at 5:45 am