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Cottage Style combines fabrics, colors, and furniture to create a comfortable style that can be used in many different settings. At Bee Simple in the Findlay, Ohio “Village,” find the coziest, best cottage decor ideas out there. Explore the unique cottage interior decor items to find what decorating elements works for you!

When Bee Simple thinks of cottage style some of the elements that fill our pallet are fresh, clean colors, comfortable furnishings, organic textures, crisp patterns, garden and patio items, pottery and candles with natural elements.

But your description of cottage style can vary because of a host of different ways to incorporate exciting ideas to the cozy decor stylings of Bee Simple’s cottage gifts and accessories. You don’t have to live deep in the woods or by the sea to understand the appeal of cottage style design. Northwest Ohio enjoys its clean look and unique personal touches, too. It’s not hard to see why this cottage style aesthetic has been around for ages. In Bee Simple’s owner, Lisa Gray’s opinion, it’s not going anywhere fast either. If you’re a fan of relaxing cottage vibes, Bee Simple of Findlay, Ohio is for you! Visit our shop in the Homestead Collection’s Village to see the cottage style showcase on how to make this look work in your interiors. With Lisa Gray’s Bee Simple advice – even the busiest spaces can be transformed into a calming oasis.

The Bee Simple cottage style emulates more of a relaxing, laid-back country vibe that helps to design the space in a way that makes you feel calm the second you enter. When you want to decorate your home on a budget, the cottage style makes for an ideal choice. It’s not only an inexpensive option but also a casual style that is pretty easy to curate. To simplify things a little more, Bee Simple has compiled cottage decorating accessories to welcome your family to a charming, humble abode!

Bee Simple cottage style design is all about creating light, bright and airy spaces. When Bee Simple designs and buys for the showroom, this is Lisa Gray’s primary consideration, starting with the color palette. Since many cottage interiors have an eclectic edge to them, color often ends up being a strong, unifying factor. As always, start with a neutral base. In Bee Simple’s case, clean whites is the gold standard! Some cottage interiors even go so far as to build their design around an entirely white look. Doing so gives the room a simple and sophisticated feel. Since Bee Simple follows this route, Lisa Gray is sure to play around with plenty of different shades, patterns and shapes to give the shop plenty of variety. If an all-white look isn’t quite your style, primary color palettes are also in play with Bee Simple’s cottage style. They will always consider using colors like raspberry, robin’s egg blue or cornflower yellow to add some visual, eclectic interest to your neutral foundation.

Shoppers at Bee Simple know there is no need to use restraint when it comes to accessories. Cottage style décor is all about feeling cozy and lived-in. There’s no better way to drive that point home than a brimming display of your most prized possessions and home accessories. Cottage interior collections are known to house anything from personal collections to reclaimed, rustic items and garden or farmhouse decor. Bee Simple knows it is important to make sure surfaces look purposely styled – rather than thrown together. When you see the Bee Simple shop, you know how the items fit together. The key to creating groupings. There’s no definitive rules on this, Lisa Gray recommends sticking to odd-numbered groups of items and playing around with arrangements of varying directions and heights. If you find yourself getting stuck, take a moment to stop into the Findlay shop for some design inspiration, and pattern your aesthetic after those in-house designed looks.

Feel free to put your own stamp on cottage style design. Cottage style design has been around for ages — and for good reason. This traditional take on shabby chic is the perfect choice for creating a relaxing haven away from the stress of everyday life. If you’re ready to have your interiors feel like your own personal oasis, keep this guide close at hand. It has all the information you need to bring a cottage look to life.What do you think of cottage style design? Would you use this look in your own interiors?

You don’t need to own a cottage to want to be inspired by some quaint decorating tips. You’ll want to check out the best cottage decor ideas at Bee Simple to create a slice of homespun paradise right in your home. Bee Simple’s styling ideas are perfect for gifting or adding simple touches that will make the space feel more like cottage garden home. The shop is covered in ideas – whether designing a peaceful patio, sprucing up your mudroom, or fitting in a home office with charm and grace. Be on the way to the kitchen of your dreams with sweet breakfast nook accessories, as well as tips for making the most-used room in the house a little more country-chic.
You might also want to look at Bee Simple for some inspiration for your living room, whether you’d like to add some white living room ideas or opt for some rustic touches. Bee Simple even has accents for creating an adorable cottage bedroom with candles and pottery pieces. If you’re trying to achieve the cottage style in your home, whether it’s an eclectic modern look or you prefer farmhouse décor ideas, there are cottage decor tricks for any type of home at Bee Simple.


We carry several vendors that we think you will really enjoy. We have a choice selection from Mudpie, Creative Co-op, Sullivan’s and Cottonwood Shanty. Ask us about your favorite artisan we may be able to track down a specialty item or suggest something similar!

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