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Ah, shaved ice – one of the finer delicacies in life. The origins of shaved ice go all the way back to Roman Emperor Nero in 27 B.C. That’s a long time ago! Nero sent his worker bees to the nearby mountains to collect snow, which he then brought back to flavor with a fruit and honey mixture.

Shaved ice is ice that is finely shaved through a blade. It’s not chunks of ice. It’s not crushed ice. It’s not an icee or a slushie. It’s, simply put, ice that is shaved. The surface area of the shaved ice allows for the delicious flavoring to really soak in and give it the best consistency. Not too compact, not too fluffy – JUST RIGHT!

Now shaved ice can be called all sorts of different things and there are some variances due to either how it’s prepared or what region it hails from. Kona Ice of Findlay knows a thing or two about shaved ice.

With Kona Ice of Findlay, you get to flavor your own Kona shaved ice. That’s right! Our very own Flavorwave makes that possible. You’ll get your Kona from the window of the truck and then off you go to choose as many flavors as you want! Flavor to your heart’s content. In short…you do you – Kona style!

Be Good, Do Good, For Good is not just a motto for Kona Ice, it is how we do business. It is our intent to provide a safe and sensational experience for each and every customer. And frequently that comes in the form of bringing our products and service to our community via fundraisers.

We didn’t become the successful, franchised shaved ice company we are today by just having the most delicious shaved ice around. It certainly helped… but the heart and soul of Kona Ice is giving back to our communities. We can help local organizations and non-profits reach their financial goals while serving up smiles with a fun and sweet Kona Ice experience. Shaved ice is what we do – giving back is who we are.

Book us for your next fundraiser and we promise it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had raising money in your whole life!

Collectively, Kona Ice has raised over $80 million dollars for local communities and organizations across the nation since 2007. The best part about fundraising with Kona Ice is that it’s truly so easy – for you AND for us. Fundraising should be a great experience for everyone involved – it should be appealing to the masses for the biggest bang! That’s where we come in – we put as much flavor into fundraising as the crowds want! Kona Ice Findlay personally has raised over $140,000 for our local community.

We can fundraise for just about anything – schools, sports teams, band programs, clubs, service organizations, festivals, 5-Ks. We have pre-paid Kona Cards that you can sell OR you can invite us to any event and we’ll donate a portion of the sales back to your program. Basically, if you have a need, we’re flexible, we’ll try and meet it as best as possible. We’re a fundraising machine…literally.

We love giving back, because we love being a part of our communities. While we are based in Findlay – we service a large portion of Northwest Ohio. We’re not just a business, we’re here to help people in our corner of the state. How do we do that? In a lot of different ways! Check out some of our fundraising programs below.

We’re an amazing fundraising tool for schools AND the kids love it. Who doesn’t love some shaved ice fun and the opportunity to raise some money for your school? We do events during the school day, but also events outside of school hours. Our main goal is to make your school a better school because Kona Ice was involved.Working with Kona Ice is just simple math. Kona Ice + fundraising = quick, easy, fun money for your school! What can we help you raise money for?Kona Ice of Findlay can be on campus for a scheduled, monthly fundraiser for ‘Kona Days’ or maybe just once a semester as a reward for a job well done. Your students and teachers will absolutely love having the Kona Ice truck pull up to the school!

Looking for a fundraising idea for your sports team? Look no further. Call the Kona Ice truck to come serve up some delicious shaved ice for your team and earn some money to help purchase anything you need. Your team will love it, but the parents will love it too! We can park by the baseball diamond, in the parking lot outside the gymnasium, at the finish line of the race – wherever it supports your cause.

Corporate Fundraising Businesses frequently have theme days where employees donate to participate in dress-down days or sports team apparel days. Why not invite us in for a Kona Ice Day? We can park in your lot or bring our smaller unit into your break room/cafeteria, employees buy what they want, and we hand back a portion of sales to the corporation to give to a non-profit or cause! It’s as simple as inviting us to attend.

Community Events
We can be part of fun-runs, festivals, and community days. If you can add a food truck or an inflatable you can add Kona Ice of Findlay! We are a staple at community events like Flag City BalloonFest, county fairs, church festivals and ice cream socials. We are an extra attraction that doesn’t require extra volunteers, but gives back to the event from a portion of sales! Our colorful trucks and all of the exciting flavors add a splash of excitement and enhances any event Kona Ice attends.

Million Dollar Give Back
Every year Kona Ice USA gives back millions of dollars to communities all across the United States. As of 2020, we’re up to $80+ million given back! How can we help you fundraise?

Kona Days
Sick of time consuming fundraisers? Kona Ice is the easiest fundraiser around. Just tell us where to park and who to make the check out to. We can serve up to 350 cups per hour. Have us out monthly or once a year – the choice is up to you!

Team Up
We’re the perfect treat for after the game and the quickest way to fundraise for your sports team. Need help buying new jerseys? What about purchasing new equipment? We’re fun for everyone and we can help your team out.

Gather & Give Back
If raising money after school hours is appealing to you, look at our Gather & Giveback program. We’ll set up anywhere you want us – at school, in a nearby park or even in a neighborhood. Hang out, enjoy a Kona and raise some money – an easy fundraiser right in your backyard!

More Questions?
If you have more questions about booking Kona Ice for your school, organization or event, the best place to start is right here! We have all the contact info for Kona Ice Findlay – serving Northwest Ohio!

— Scott & Melissa Humm | Kona Ice Findlay | p (419) 348-3379| kona-ice.com |
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