I Just Want to be FOUND

When was the last time you looked a business up in a phone book? Do you even keep a copy anymore when it is laying on your porch?  If you do, how do you decide which one to keep?
The honest truth is that USUALLY it is far easier to look a business up online.  You type a few characters in the search bar of your browser and suggestions immediately become available.  Are you looking for Joe Smith, CPA, or are you simply looking for an accountant?
Either way you want to be found.
You want to be suggested as an option to anyone that types your industry keywords into their search engine, and you want to be on that first page of results.  More so – if they are specifically looking for YOU – you had better come up in that search.
The best way to do that is to PUT yourself out there.  Have a business Facebook page. List your business name and occupation title on every social media outlet you use.  If you belong to a club or organization fill out your online profile and provide links to your website and contact information. Submit your website to the search engines.  If you have a brick and mortar business location, register it with Google Places and get it listed on Foursquare.  Do you have an event on a community calendar?  Add your website link to the event description.  The more times your contact information can be found online, the more “relevant” you appear to be.  The more relevant you are, the more likely you are going to be suggested as an answer to an online query.
If your community has access to an online directory like www.FlagCityOnline.com – consider joining.  A healthy online directory can be a powerhouse of links.  The mass of links coming and going from a website like this can be a huge asset in your efforts for SEO (search engine optimization).
Being found online does not take a lot of advertising dollars.  It takes a little time and planning.  But the rewards of “being found” can be immeasurable.